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plan – design of a chicken coop (poultry house)?

I am planning to build a chicken coop (poultry house) for chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys. I am thinking of 20 - 30 birds. They'll have a huge place...


I am planning to build a chicken coop (poultry house) for chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys. I am thinking of 20 – 30 birds. They’ll have a huge place to roam, there is a huge piece of grassland…So I need a coop where they can sleep, lay their eggs and shelter for rain. In my area it’s quite hot, never gets below 15C. Max temp 35C. thanks

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Looking for chicken coop designs/images and want to know what birds can and can’t be together?


I’m wanting to build an enclosed coop that is off the ground and fenced in. The coop will probably be placed in an area with a large 8′ chain link fence on 2 of the sides and a building on another. I’m mainly trying to figure out how to make a roof and the coop. I’m also wanting to know if all these birds can live in the same area: chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, pheasants, and maybe turkeys. I’d like to make a coop with seperate sections for each bird species. How big of a coop should I have for a small number 3-4 of each type of bird? I do like some of the coop pictures I looked at with the nesting area stuck out some in the back with a roof that lifts up to get to the nests. I’d like to find more pictures of the insides of coops especially for ducks. I assume they would have to be made different. I’m currently living with my bf and his parents on their farm. I have plenty of supplies and aggreed to build the coop myself if his father would buy the birds.
Thanks for the replies. My bf’s dad has had chickens and turkeys before but were free to roam the whole farm. We have to many cats around and everyone doesn’t want the turkeys runnin loose since they got attacked by them. The guinea fowl and pheasants my bf’s dad was thinking about them. I mainly prefer chickens and definitely ducks/geese. With the chain link fencing if I put a different type of wire (smaller holes) and dug down 1-2 feet and had a couple feet above the ground would that help avoid predators digging in and also reaching the birds? There are a few other farms around that raise different types of birds for pets that I can ask some information about the birds. As far as babies we will be removing them to an incubator. I was thinking about 5 nest boxes for chickens/ducks each. Probably have 2 females and 1 male each. I’ll probably make the coop so I can add extra nests if needed. I’ll tell my bf’s dad about the other fowl so we can wait or build a seperate coop later on.

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