What is the large egg I found buried in the ground?

I was replacing the mulch around some young trees in our front yard and, when removing old mulch, discovered an large egg buried in the ground about 1" under the surface. It basically looks like a large chicken egg, about 4" from tip to butt. We have lots of Canadian Geese that hang around all times of the year, but find it odd that it was buried. Not sure how fresh it is, who knows – maybe it could have been there for years… our house was built in 2007, so it could be there from before, and I didn’t really notice any disturbance of the soil above it when I was taking the old mulch off. Does this match with any bird nesting habits? I think it’s way too large to be a snake egg, and because of the shape, am convinced that it is some sort of bird egg. I live in Durham, NC near woods and a small body of water (pond).

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  1. The Cheshire says

    Probably just a goose egg. It could have been stolen from a nest by something like a raccoon and hidden there for later, or it could be left over from a nest that just got covered naturally.

  2. nadine c says

    It maybe an old Dinosaur egg. I know it sounds funny….But thats the first thing that pops in my head when I hear that question. Lol!

    Good luck finding out!!!:]

  3. That one kid says

    I vote goose egg! It is very unlikely to be a dino egg. It could be, but it most likely is not.

  4. Paige M says

    It could be a duck egg. They are typically a little bigger than chicken eggs. Also most duck eggs are longer than chicken eggs.

  5. Marcia Deans says

    This is so weird… yesterday while doing yard work and digging in a vegetable garden, a mulch pile and an old manure pile I found 5 duck eggs buried like you said, about an inch below the surface… we have ducks in the pond nearby and these look exactly like Mallard eggs. Ours are about 1.5 inches long, bluish white and match the other Mallard eggs we have seen. But what does this? Do raccoons bury eggs for later? I had no idea this goes on. I’m in Raleigh, NC and I’d really like to know what animal is doing this.

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