What could have stolen 8 chicken eggs without a trace?

Hello everyone.
I live in central Mass; in a wooded area.
My Dutch Bantam hen had recently laid eight eggs and I was looking forward to becoming a grandmother (even if I am only 20). Anyway, the other day, after all my hen’s hard work, all eight of her eggs suddenly went missing without a trace. No shell fragments were left behind, and no yolk was to be found.
I keep my birds in the barn with our three horses. There is a space beneath the door where something could get it, as well as gaps all the way around between roof and walls (sort of like ventilation). There are trees very close to the barn, with branches right over top of it, so something could have come from the trees and gone through the gap to take them.
Anyway, it had snowed that day and there were no foot prints in the snow other than turkey prints and of course our human footprints.
As I said, there wasn’t a single trace. Whatever took the eggs took eight (they are half the size of a regular chicken egg that you get at the store) and didn’t leave any shell or yolk behind.
It could not have been a snake, as snakes are not quite out yet and it would have only taken one, not a full eight.
My parents spoke to some people that couldn’t think of anything that could have possibly have taken eight eggs without a trace, and there were no child footprints (and we were home all day before they went missing), so no one else could have gone in and taken the eggs. My mother looked all over the barn and couldn’t find any sign of the stolen eggs.
So, did Mr. Easter Bunny come to collect? Can anyone tell me what could possible take all eight eggs without leaving a trace. (Also, as I said, there were no prints and it was probably not a raccoon as the eggs were taken during the day)
Also, the chickens have free range in the barn, we plan on building a coop for them this spring. My Hen simply lays her eggs out in the open (they were near our hay stacks) despite having a cage and even a box that she could have laid them in.
Anyway, if you have any idea what could have taken them, please let me know.
It could not have been a fox. A fox is too large to enter our barn, as are raccoons. And a fox still would have left something behind and would most likely have eaten the chickens.
The largest space that anything can get into the barn is about five inches, and that is just under the roof. Dogs, foxes, and the like can not get into the barn. Also, as I said, there is no egg shell or yolk to be found. Rats would have left something behind. I’m almost starting to think we have a little monkey around, because it was as if something picked the eggs up and carried them off with hands.

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  1. Danielle says

    yes, i’m sorry to break it to you, but it WAS the easter bunny.
    bunnies don’t naturally lay eggs, so he always steals chicken eggs in april.

  2. bikinkawboy says

    Probably a snake. They will swallow the eggs whole and then crawl off to digest them. Seen it before. Rats will eat eggs, but usually break the eggs, leaving yolk behind.

  3. the long shot says

    Probably the rat ate the egg yoke and the hen ate the shell. Chickens will eat shell as a way of recycling.

  4. yoskher says

    the easter bunny! He picked you,this year to take the eggs for all the young childrenn! you should be proudd! you should thank him. this is a serious deal! You must write a letter!

  5. Rick says

    My guess is you have your time line wrong. Why couldn’t the thief come during the storm or even before it occurred? If you had turkey tracks who is to say that the turkey didn’t eat them. As for a predator like the fox he could have come when the hen was gone but like you said he would have left some shell. I think it was more in line with the human visitor coming during or before the storm.

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