(Semi-Auto) Chicken & Egg Farm (Tutorial) – Minecraft

This is an in-depth tutorial how to build the all-in-one Minecraft chicken cooker & egg farm that I built in my let's play world. Since chickens are...

This is an in-depth tutorial how to build the all-in-one Minecraft chicken cooker & egg farm that I built in my let’s play world. Since chickens are noisy and annoying, the purpose of this is to build the chicken coop away from your base/house, while all of the controls are in your base. You can hatch the eggs into chickens, collect eggs, and cook and collect the cooked chicken from your base… while the noisy chickens are far away. Enjoy! —————————————————————————— Texture Pack: (Customized) John Smith. My ‘How to edit your Minecraft texture pack’ vid has the details/links: www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to “(Semi-Auto) Chicken & Egg Farm (Tutorial) – Minecraft”

  1. iamtigra says:

    @GrayAu That would be amazing…just one giant factory building for all the types of mobs in the game besides slimes maybe…

  2. homarjeggle says:

    @monkeyfarm In my multiplayer world my chickens dissapeared for no reason… do snow golems kill them or something? now i have to go fund more eggs….

  3. PureOptic says:

    Hopefully this cleared up confusion with people, it did help me to see it further in depth, although I already built it in my Let’s Play world :P . It’s actually a very good way to build a chicken farm, although I built my egg transporter a little differently. Good job. :D (Also, loved the longer video!)

  4. Swiftfur2200 says:

    monkey farm this may be hacking but putting ice inder water makes drops go trough the water faster

  5. Swiftfur2200 says:

    @Swiftfur2200 i mean under not inder

  6. colliernation96 says:

    how much is minecraft

  7. thenewkidsonthebloc says:

    Note: if you cannot find slimes and do not care about looks, use a normal piston.

  8. MisterNiceGuyYT says:

    Hi monkeyfarm, I’ve been following your LP’s for a while now and I’ve seen some nice designs already. Only thing I’m missing on this one is some sort of counter or indicator that could tell you if there are still chickens swimming in the machine. Still, nice build!

  9. monkeyfarm says:

    @flamelibra3041 yes i bought the game. i don’t have that freezing problem.

  10. monkeyfarm says:

    @sgtkillgore09 lol

  11. monkeyfarm says:

    @GTxWilzee link to my texture pack details video is in the description.

  12. mosheabadi says:

    what is the texture pack. ive been dying to know

  13. CoLDxxBlooded says:

    @flamelibra3041 try downloading minecraft to your computer and not play in the browser window it will fix it

  14. Snacker6 says:

    You are being too hard on yourself with the stuff under the chicken coop. Just have another waterstream over signs over a waer stream. The eggs will fall again and the chickens will swim down stream. No pistons required!

  15. AnonymousMeTV says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAN (late i know) i have a question. Can you put your world up for download? so that we can see the inner workings of your monster farm and stuff (etho does it just saying) hehe sorry but seriously.

  16. MnecraftEpicPro says:

    Please make a download-able link to your world save so we can all benefit from you and we can all see your efficiency at minecraft!!!

  17. XultimateGLITCHESX says:

    i love watching your vids there entertaining :) !

  18. ofTalent says:

    @monkeyfarm how much do you get asked this lol?

  19. monkeyfarm says:

    @mosheabadi don’t die… just look in the video description. :)

  20. monkeyfarm says:

    @XultimateGLITCHESX thanks!

  21. markidoks says:

    @monkeyfarm, can i use your texture pack in my lets play world?

  22. HyMyNameIsMatt says:

    Hm… the design is pretty good, I’ll probably make one of these, but You might want keep another group of chickens seperate from the main group, that only lay eggs that flow to the same cannal, so when you kill the first group you don’t need to wait for the new ones to grow and start laying eggs. Efficiency.

  23. DeepCovere says:

    NOOOO MONKEYFARMMM why would you post this a day AFTER i built your chicken coup and cooker :( in your previous vid on this, you didnt show me how to wire the redstone so i spent 4 hrs doing it T.T other than that, youre cooker idea and stuff is great and works in my world LOL thanks again!!

  24. minecraftanimator says:

    i wish notch would come up with this idea :
    dispensers/the player that shoot/throw wheat will make the farm animals (pig,cow,sheep,chicken) pick it up breed by themselves!

  25. Whicker493 says:

    Can we have a tutorial on the christmas tree?

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