How do I harvest my chicken coop on farm town?

I was playing on Farm town and decided to buy a chicken coop because you can now harvest from it. So now it has been a day and says its ready to be harvested(100% ready to be harvested). The only thing is, is that when I try to harvest it it says that there are no animals to be harvested.What did I do wrong?
We are all talking about farmTOWN right?

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  1. Shauna S says

    You dont have any chickens inside your coop,

    The better chickens such as gold or black,and the more chickens in your coop means there is more of a chance of getting a mystery egg,,If you ask your friends to feed you chickens there is more chance of getting a egg to.When your friend finds a egg you can hatch one and something will come out

    Hope this helped,

    p.s you cood always harvest your chicken coop ever since it came out

    EDIT:oops i thought you were talking about farmville,sorry,awell it will come inn handy if you ever decide to play farmville

  2. Gouthaman says

    There are no Chickens inside the Coop.

    Move some chickens to the coop and then you will be able to harvest.

  3. awa says

    I have that problem too. Gouthaman, how do I move the hens to the coop? I click on them, choose move, move the cursor to the coops and release. They don’t go in. What’s your secret?

  4. Adam K says

    I have the same problem. Farm Town has most likely not developed the chicken coop correctly. I don’t think it can be done. I’m waiting to see what happens when my wool house is ready to be harvested. Ill let you know

  5. crystalshadow319 says

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried putting them in there and it says the same thing. I’ve looked it up and can only come across answers for the Farmville chicken coop. Nothing for Farmtown yet.

    Ok, I just found this:

    So I guess someone has to send you a hen before that one will work. Then once the others are 100% ready, choose to harvest them, and the houses will do it for you. Pretty much the houses just give the option of harvesting them…

  6. Tin says

    Farm Town, yes. The chicken coop will work if you have the hens. The hens have to be gifted you by your friends. Each of the buildings will work only if you have the animals pertaining to that building (llamas and sheep for the wool shed, hens for the coop and goats and cows for the dairy farm.)

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